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Employee Management

Manage the whole employee lifecycle at the click of a button.

  • Recruitment and candidate management

    Manage the hiring process seamlessly in one platform with job ads, interview guides, reference checks and candidate review. You can also use our Fixed fee recruitment services that come with a three - month guarantee!

  • Onboarding

    Happy HR allows you to manage the whole paperless induction process in the cloud. Send your recruit their employment offer electronically at the click of a button. You will reduce the time spent preparing, sending and receiving contracts by over 90%. The employee then can accept their contract, position, polices all before their first day at work!

  • Employee management

    In a simple to use module, you can manage all your employee information like payroll, leave, activities, see contracts, notes etc. The employee management module shows employment status and highlights any outstanding items you might need to action for that employee.

  • Employee self service

    Employees get their own login that enables them to electronically sign and execute contracts, position descriptions and policies, manage their payroll information, apply for leave, see upcoming performance management training & events, messaging, report safety incidents and much more!

  • Employee document expiry reminders

    Employees can upload documents like driver’s licences, medical certificates, and RSA certs etc into their profiles and set expiry reminders for themselves and company admins. The Happy HR system allows users to track all employee documents, so you can ensure that you are able to stay compliant by making sure all your employee’s certifications are up to date.

  • Performance management

    It is a legal requirement that employees are performance managed in line with the Fair Work Act. Happy HR has an easy to follow workflow that ensures you remain compliant when conducting performance appraisals, performance improvement plans, development plans, disciplinary actions and warnings etc. The platform sends out notifications and time stamps all activities to ensure you and your managers are following the correct performance management processes.

  • Training and development

    Developing and training staff is one of the easiest ways to deliver an increased ROI on your employees. You can use training plans as another way to eliminate risk by effectively training staff on workplace safety. Our training module allows a user to conduct group or one on one training sessions, conduct a training assessment, pass or fail participants and send out a certificate of participation to successful employees. You can also set reminders for future training.

  • Leave management

    Leave management at the click of a button. Our module has a leave calendar that shows your employees leave, allows employees to apply for leave & allows managers to approve and or decline leave. Our leave module seamlessly integrates with your payroll, further reducing administration time.

  • Probationary meetings

    Never miss another probationary meeting. Happy HR tracks your employee’s probationary periods to ensure that follow up meetings take place.

  • Grievance management

    It is a legal requirement that grievances are managed in line with the Fair Work Act. Happy HR has an easy to follow workflow that ensures that you remain compliant when conducting the entire grievance investigation process. The platform sends out notifications, time stamps all activities to ensure you and your managers are following the correct grievance management process.

  • 360 surveys

    Workplace surveys are a terrific way to understand your employees. Surveys allow a company to look at ways to drive employee retention, happiness, engagement and workplace satisfaction. Happy HR allows you to create a survey, send it out to staff as an open or anonymous survey and the module allows you to create reports on the answers to enable you to develop initiatives to drive positive change.

  • Disciplinary processes

    Use our disciplinary management workflows to ensure that you and your managers follow the right disciplinary process that is required by the Fair Work Act.

Powerful HR Management

Centralise your HR and improve efficiency with Australia’s leading HRIS platform!

  • Notifications

    Happy HR sends out email notifications for all events and these events also appear on the dashboard.

  • Contract and policy compliance

    Happy HR enables you to have legally compliant employment contracts that can be customised for full time, part time, casual, contract, sub-contractor and volunteers. Choose from a suite from over 45 + HR policies. You will have peace of mind as our contracts and policies are constantly reviewed by our in-house team of employment lawyers to ensure legal compliance.

  • Workplace health and safety

    Happy HR allows company admins and employees to report incidents or hazards, investigate, conduct risk assessments, prepare reports and manage return to work - all in a simple to use safety module.

  • Procedure documents

    Happy HR allows you add procedural documents, control what position can see what procedural document and send out notifications on updates to the procedures etc. By having procedures that are easily at hand, allows employees to remind themselves of company processes.

  • Organisational charts

    Ditch the power point forever and have an online organisational chart for quick reference to team structure and reporting links. The org chart is seen by all employees.

  • Reporting

    The Happy HR dashboard as a range of HR reports that provides a user with real time insights into the current state of your HR health. You can monitor events, gender diversity, leave, activities, approvals, happiness etc. at the click of a button.

  • Cloud based use anywhere anytime on any device

    Happy HR is a fully responsive website that is accessible anytime and anywhere, displaying beautifully across all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • In app messaging

    Create, send and receive chat messages to an individual or group. Broadcast announcements to managers and employees – all at the click of a button.

  • User access level

    You can allow different levels of access to key employees of your organisation. The different access levels are CEO (entire access), HR (not invite sub company), operations (all but employee profiles), finance (employee profiles only) and managers (see performance and activities to people below the employee in the org chart but not employee profiles) rights. Employees can toggle between employee and user access when logged in as an employee.

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  • Contractor management

    You can manage the entire onboarding and offboarding process for sub-contractors and consultants in Happy HR. The platform allows you to create sub-contractor agreements, scope of work, payment cycles, training, allow user access etc. This will ensure your obligations to sub-contractors and consultants remains compliant.

  • Asset management

    The platform has a terrific asset management module that enables a user to track all company property. You can record if an employee has received an asset upon onboarding them and ensure you get the assets back when offboarding. There is also an asset approval process, so managers can ask for approval to purchase!

  • Integrations and payroll

    Boost your productivity, reduce paperwork and save administration time by seamlessly integrating with apps including Xero, QuickBooks, Tanda, MYOB, Deputy and Key Pay to name a few. Integrating with one of our partners or our payroll system is done at the click of a button.

  • Vevo checks

    You have the obligation to check the work right of ALL staff (employees and contractors) at time of onboarding (Australian Birth Certificate, Citizenship certificate, NZ passport or a foreign passport + a VEVO check) AND for those on visas, continue to check throughout the term of employment. This can all be managed within the Happy HR platform.

  • Awards and recognition

    Recognise outstanding employee achievements with trophies and motivate staff with shout outs and compliments of great work.

  • HR support and advice

    Be supported by Australia’s #1 team of degree qualified HR consultants. HR advice you can trust is only a phone call away.

  • Award interpretation

    With our award interpretation capabilities, be assured you are always paying your staff in line with workplace awards.

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